校長的話 - 2021年6月

Principal Yum

  2020-2021 has been an extraordinary year. First of all, due to the impact of COVID-19, all schools in Hong Kong could not hold face-to-face classes on 1st September, so we had to arrange a very different Opening Ceremony at school. In late August, we shot a video which included the Opening Worship and also an introduction of the school development in the new school year. However, the most challenging part for students was the need to engage in online learning before they could even meet the teachers and see their faces. During the process, we tried our best to offer help and support to the parents as well as the students. In addition, a lot of arrangements had to be reorganised. For example, the Adaptation Week, class schedule, learning time of each subject...all need to be re-planned because of the new learning mode. At the same time, it was necessary to help all teachers to develop the ability of real-time online teaching. The school office also needed to answer all sorts of parents' enquiries. There were indeed many challenges!

  By the end of September, the school could resume face-to-face classes in stages. Yet in the face of the epidemic, we had to follow closely the health guidelines by the Centre for Health Protection and take all precautionary measures. When students were back at school, we had to ensure that they maintained appropriate social distancing. By mid-November, there were cases of upper respiratory tract infection in the community and in schools. Different classes experienced suspension at different times. Administrative arrangements became more complicated, and the teachers had to cope with both face-to-face and online classes at the same time. The assessment arrangements for Primary 1 to 6 also needed to be revised several times. In any case, we overcame the difficulties one after another.

  After the Lunar New Year holiday, Primary 5 and 6 could resume face-to-face classes while the other year levels still continued online learning. Starting from mid-March, through arranging all staff to be tested every two weeks, we could finally resume face-to-face classes for the entire school, thus creating a more stable environment for students. It was a relief for both the parents and the teachers.

  As this year was also our school’s 50th anniversary, we originally planned to hold the Golden Jubilee Celebration Ceremony cum the dedication of the "STEM and Innovation Room" and "Learning Hub" on 22nd April. However, due to changes in the epidemic situation, the event was postponed to 22nd June. We were very honoured to have invited Mr. Kevin Yeung, JP, the Secretary for Education, to officiate at the ceremony. This event was very important and meaningful to us and we were pleased to be able to go ahead. All thanks be to our Heavenly Father!

  In addition to the Secretary for Education, we were very fortunate to have invited Mr. Edward Yu, JP, the District Officer (Yau Tsim Mong) to officiate at our Golden Jubilee Celebration Ceremony. Rev. Daniel Li, Chairman of the Christian Education Committee of the Lutheran Church HK Synod, was invited to give a sermon. Mr. Chu Tai Wo, the founding principal of the school, and Mr. Ko Chi Hung and Ms Ho Shuk Yin, the former principals, were able to join the celebration too, making the stage dazzling. As for the audience, there were likewise a number of VIPs, including representatives of Yau Tsim and Mong Kok District School Development Section of the Education Bureau, Chairman of the Yau Tsim Mong West Area Committee, principals of primary and secondary schools, church representatives, school partners, former teachers and alumni. We felt grateful and were touched by the love and great support they expressed for the school.

  During the preparation for this 50th anniversary celebration, the former and current school supervisors, school managers, principals, teachers and alumni joined their hands to form the “Cross-regional Sharonites Virtual Choir" and sang together. There were also “Interviews with the Distinguished Alumni”. During the process, many alumni responded promptly to our invitations, showing love and full support to their alma mater. Quite a few of them are Christians who have believed in the Lord for many years. The alumni have made wonderful contributions to the society in different roles. It is evident that over the last fifty years, Sharon Lutheran School has borne rich fruits and nurtured many talents.

  Looking back on this year, I would like to thank the teachers for their tremendous efforts. Under the epidemic situation, students still had many opportunities to participate in various competitions, including the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Drama Festival and also Mathematics, STEM, visual arts, sports, music competitions. The uniformed groups (such as the Red Cross Junior Unit, Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol) also used various ways to enhance students’ development and enrich their learning experience. All these have enabled students to continue to have balanced and whole-person growth in spite of adversity.

  Finally, I would like to thank the PTA and the parents for their strong support to the school. Over the year, I have witnessed the growth in maturity in the development of the PTA. When organizing and planning events, the parent members are better able to match the school development and needs. For instance, they launched an online workshop to support the Primary 1 parents in e-Learning before the start of the school year. Moreover, they organized parent volunteers to help the school decoration for the 50th anniversary celebration. All these works were remarkable. Their dedicated contribution has not only benefited the parents and the students, but also has enhanced the school support and provisions.

  May the Lord accept all the works we have offered with our hearts and bless all Sharonites!

June 2021


  2020至2021年度是不平凡的一年。首先,就著疫情影響,全港未能於9月1日作面授課堂,因此學校有了一個不一樣的開學禮。我們在八月下旬拍攝了影片,準備了開學崇拜及介紹學校在新學年的新發展;然而需花更多的時間,是幫助學生及家長如何在未能見到新學年教師的面孔之前,就要準備投入網課的學習中,並支援他們在網上學習及進行視像課堂時所遇到的各項挑戰 。不論適應周、課堂時間表、各科的上課時間……都需因應新的學習模式而重新規劃,同時間亦需幫助全體老師發展網上實時教學的能力,及解答家長的各項查詢,挑戰著實不少!